The Creation of Classic Connections

Classic Connections was established in March 2005, when the current owner sold his existing business and took early retirement. Having been associated with the commercial vehicle industry, and the bus and coach market in particular, the chance to purchase the entire fleet of Wallace Arnold preserved vehicles was an opportunity too good to miss.

With storage space available and in need of refurbishment, a small group of enthusiasts came together to renovate the building and its new contents. The premises already had a commercial vehicle inspection pit, though this had not been used for some time. The pit had been boarded over and sealed.

Inspection revealed no hidden problems, so new lighting was installed and painting commenced. Likewise, the interior walls of the building were decorated, work benches made, and lighting renewed. The workshop floor was cleaned and treated to a new hard wearing polymer finish.

By October,  a working garage and a nice collection of interesting vehicles was in place. This then gives a brief introduction to the original plan, vehicle content and participants that formed the basis of Classic Connections.

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