AEC Reliance Burlingham Seagull Mark 2

TOB 377



Chassis AEC Reliance
Chassis Number MU3RV793
Engine AEC AH 470, diesel 7.68 litre developing 112 bhp @ 2000 revs/m
Engine Number
Transmission Manual syncro; 5 forward / 1 reverse
Steering Unassisted
Brakes Triple servo vacumn, mechanical handbrake
Body Number HV Burlingham Seagull C37C, No. 6569
Date of first registration 04/03/1956


Flights Coach Travel Ltd based at Long Acre, Birmingham has been in the coach business since 1913.

Flights ran a fleet of Burlingham Seagull coaches in the 50’s operating on inclusive holidays, express coastal services, daily tours and private charters. TOB 377 was purchased new in 1956 and in 1957 carried the Aston Villa football team to the controversial Wembley Cup Final, beating Manchester United 2-1.

The coach was sold in 1961 to Mulleys Motorways in Norfolk where it remained until the summer of 1996 when it was repurchased by Flights to be completely refurbished with its seating, interior and upholstery reproduced as when new. This superbly restored coach is now enjoying a leisurely retirement.

Repairs and Servicing

June 10
Geoff Flight delivers from Birmingham
Repairs to drivers seat frame and runners

Sept 10
Fit new original pattern marker lamps to front dome
Fit high beam warning lamp
Fit headlamp flasher switch

Feb 11
Check over vehicle
Fit two new batteries

April 11
Secure emergency door handle

May 11
Present for Class V MOT test
Fail on front brake imbalance
Adjust, readjust, send out to Arriva – Still fails!!

Aug 11
To Redfearn Travel for MOT pass!!
Return, clean and polish

Oct 11
Fit new securing bolts to rear wheel trims

Nov 11
Repairs to main door handle

Jan 12
Paint front chassis members
Refurbish front wheel trims

July 12
Check over and service
Adjust clutch
Bleed system

Aug 12
Fit new clutch pedal return spring and bracket
Paint headlamp surrounds
MOT inspection
Repair bell


August 14

Removed rear wheel trims

February 2015

Near side rear brake sticking, remove wheels, hubs. Clean re-adjust and re-assemble

June 2016

Fuel up wash off

Engine over heating problems, examine pipework

Adjust throttle linkage and stop control system

July 2016

Remove, flush out and re-fit radiator.

Here is a selection of photographs supplied by Barry Rennison:

Further investigation to over heating problems

August 2016

As above, still overheating. No success.

1 thought on “AEC Reliance Burlingham Seagull Mark 2

  1. I am after a bus like this to purchase, could you help me if you know of one for sale, and what would be the price guid for something like this?

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