Ford 1115 Tricentrol T 152/Duple Dominant IV 8 Metre

First registered new in April 1982 to Abbeyways of Huddersfield

Second owner Loverings of Coombe Martin North Devon

Third owner Provence Private Hire of St. Albans Herts.

Purchased for preservation by Classic Connections in July 2018 and collected from their premises by low loader in August 2018

Work completed so far :

Remove wheels, shot blast, prime and repaint. Obtain and fit six new tyres.

Obtain and fit new gas struts to locker doors.

Remove previous owners titles and lettering

Fit new mechanism to saloon clock

Deep clean interior

Repairs to both Ford and Duple electrical systems including hazard and indicators, general switch gear, warning buzzers and lamps, head and side lights, windscreen wipers and washers, interior lights, heaters and blower motors.

Repairs to the front grille including the making and fitting of new brackets for bumper assembly.

Repairs to rear body corner trim.

Repairs to various underbody panels and sub assemblies. Making of new panels and brackets.

Carry out full brake overhaul, including the fitting of all new wheel cylinders, brake adjusters, bleed screws, hydraulic pipes and hoses. Overhaul brake master cylinder. Repair worn hand brake linkage and rods.

Repack hub bearings.

Remove air pipes to door mechanism and convert to manual operation.

Remove corroded air cleaner assembly, prepare, repaint and refit with new mounting bolts and element.

Unbolt prop shaft, take for new universal joint fitting and refit after repair

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