Leyland Tiger Cub Burlingham Seagull Mk 3


834O U

Chassis Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC 1/2
Engine Leyland 6 cyl underfloor 6.15 litre 0375H developing 105 BHP
Engine Number
Manual 4 speed constant mesh 1 x reverse
 Vacumn assisted

Burlingham Seagull C41F
Body Number 6509
Date of first registration 07/05/1958

The vehicle intake being 17 AEC Reliances, 6 Leyland Tiger Cubs & 6 hired in AEC Plaxtons.


April 1958
Purchased outright by Wallace Arnold, Leeds. Never transferred within the group

Jan 68
Sold to M&P Philipson (Dearneways), Goldthorpe

Jun 71
Sold to Symonds, South Kirkby

May 73
Sold to Allott & Armitage (Dragon Coaches), Stocksbridge

Jul 76
Sold for scrap to T.Goodwin, Carlton

Jul 78
Repurchased by Goodwin with wrecked engine. Repaired by Jimmy Wing with replacement engine (why it now has 0.350 rather than 0.375) and rallied as Carlton Vehicle P.G

Oct 83
Badly vandalised in yard and laid up

Mar 85
“Adopted” by East Pennine T.G. Moved to Huddersfield, repaired and operated.

Purchased from Jimmy Wing who stayed associated until his demise in 1997

Laid up in storage with engine (and other!) trouble

Sold to G.Beeby, Huddersfield, not used

Our thanks to Tony Hanson for supplying the above information

Repairs and Servicing

Aug 09
Collect vehicle from Huddersfield, towed behind Kiran’s ERF Wrecker
Remove seats and clean out interior

Nov 09
Take to Selby on Low Loader for storage

Feb 11

Fit new batteries

Mar 11

Extract from Selby and towed to M & H for restoration by Kiran and Darren Sentance.

Apr 11
Clean up starter terminals

Jan 12
Collect wood trim, sand down and revarnish

Nov 12
Obtain samples of fabrics for side walls and seats

Jan 13
Call @ Interface Fabrics & order seat moquette

Feb 13
New interior sidewall material arrives
Polish interior wood

April 13
Moquette arrives to original pattern

May 2013
Polish bodywork & clean windows

June 13
S/h seats arrive

Aug 13
Check over seats, finish off wood waxing
Robert Lindley & family call to view

Sept 13
Ben loads up van with seats
Mick, Mel & Neil deliver seats to Peterborough & Brackiey for refurbishing

Nov 13
Collected by Kiran from M & H and delivered to unit
Remove front shock absorbers
Clean interior roof & light lenses
Check over, grease round

Dec 13
Overhaul front brakes
Work on rear electrics
Collect parts from M & H
Overhaul rear brakes
Fit new headlight & repair wiring
Window refurbishment
Fit & Wire in spot lamps
Temp. fit driver signaling window

January 2014

Major work to both chassis and body electrics.
Stripping out old cabling and renewing as necessary.
Fitting new/reconditioning head lights, side lights, indicators etc. Overhaul instrument and switch panels, fit new fuse boxes, bell, wiper motors, interior lights.

February 2014

Removing all side windows and windscreens. Removable glass, separate frames, overhaul, repaint and polish as required. Reassemble, test fit. Overhaul roof vent mechanisms.
Work on chassis including preparing and re-silvering as necessary.
Prepare and underseal wheel arches.
Remove tyres from wheels, refurbish wheels, repaint and reassemble with six new cross ply tyres. Overhaul spare wheel carrier.
Obtain and fit two new front shock absorbers.
Drain and remove fuel tank, clean out, repaint externally, repair integral gauge.
Remove auxiliary prop shaft for specialists repair.

March 2014

Fit one new and one reconditioned wiper motor
Drain engine oil, flush with new oil and additive, run for 20 mins. Drain off.
Remove injectors for reconditioning.
Fit new side and indicator lamps.

April 2014

Overhaul saloon heaters and demister unit
Obtain new stainless steel side window trims

May 2014

Refitting overhauled dash panels, interior lights, speaker grills, etc.

June 2014

Collect and fit injectors after overhaul

Overhaul 3 saloon heaters

Refitting wood trim and windows

Collect and fit new dynamo drive shaft, repair regulator box

Refurbish boot stays

July 2014

Fit new rocker cover gasket, re-fill engine with oil, run up to operating temperature

Make and fit wood capping’s to lower window line

Carpet upper sides of luggage rack and apply trim to rear roof dome

August 2014

Collect seat frames after refurbishment from Abacus seating

Roof vents go for refurbishment

Repair and re-fit destination blind

Clean up stearing wheel and handbrake

Refurbishing woodwork

September 2014

Work on near side window frames

Parts go away for chromium plating

October 2014

Fit trims to emergency door and main entrance door

Trial fit off-side front windscreen

Down to Brackley to deliver drivers seat and check material for re-trim

November 2014

Work on the demister vents

January 2015

Make up and fit decency screen

fitting O/S windows

Painting handbrake lever etc

Fit new rubbers to roof vents

February 2015 

Polishing external metal trims

Paint front hub cabs

Fitting front windscreens

Re-fit wheels.

March 2015

Fitting emergency door trim, handles check strap and sign

Clean windows inside and out

April 2015

Make up rear number plate assembly

carry on fitting windscreens

May 2015

Purchased two bell pushes at Llandudno Transport Festival and fit to Saloon

June 2015

Clean, polish, paint and refit aluminium side trims

Fit Tiger Cub badge and emblems after re-chroming

Make and fit tow hook surround on front grill

Start to assemble seat frames

Collect seats from Brackley

July 2015

Fit 5-way rear seat

Fit rubber seal to 3 roof vents

Assemble seats

Fitting seats and tables

Wash out Saloon heaters and pressure test

August 2015

Fit rubber to foot rails, complete fitting of seats and tables

Pull back remaining aluminium trim from M&H, polish, paint and refit as required

January 2016

Move vehicle onto pit

Flush out cooling system

February 2016

Adjust brakes after overhaul

Fit new gear lever gaiter

March 2016

Attempt to bleed heater system

Prepare to move down to M&H Coach Builders, Leeds

April 2016

Overhaul near side windscreen wiper motor

Clean windows and tidy up for move

June 2016

Kiran and David (Wingnut) tow down to M&H for painting and a completion.


A Co-incidence…?

In March of 1958, Wallace Arnold bought Cream Cars and Sunbeam Garages, both of Torquay. Of the 10 coaches acquired, 6 were never used and sold.

Wallace Arnold’s 1958 new purchases were entirely AEC/Plaxton, except for 6 Leyland/Burlingham’s.

Gallery – When with EPTG

Below we have a series of photographs from when owned by the Barnsley Preservation Group and the East Pennine Transport Group-



Photographers unknown, or by Tony Hanson. Captions hopefully to follow.

Gallery – Leyland Tiger Cub Spec Sheet
To read the details more clearly, click ‘view full size’ while scrolling through the gallery.

Restoration Gallery

Former 8340 U owner Jimmy Wing



At the Southend Festival of Transport, June 1989

2013 Gallery

2014 Gallery



Fast Forward – 2017

Our Tiger Cub is in working order, tested by Mel and Brian on a proving trial, on 6th November 2017, accompanied by Atlantean 331.


The Tiger Cub was requested for a local event during March 2018. 8340 duly attended, delighting guests in it’s 60th year.

The photographs show 8340U and other members of the fleet, with the team posed at the depot, ready for action!

2 thoughts on “Leyland Tiger Cub Burlingham Seagull Mk 3

  1. Hi
    I’m wondering if someone could proved me with Neil’s contact information, not sure if he’ll remember me but I need to speak to him in regards to the leyland tiger cub 8340u that was previously owned by my great grandfather jimmy wing

    Kind regards
    Robert Lindley

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