Bristol LHS Plaxton Supreme IV

PRO 439W

LHS - Damian Sharples 23/6/13

Photograph by Damian Sharples (Kelsall Steam & Vintage Rally 23/06/13) 


Chassis Bristol LHS
Number LHS 361
Engine Leyland 401 6cyl mid mounted underfloor developing 135 bhp
Engine Number 8041330  
 Turner syncro 5 speed 1 reverse
Air assisted
Body Plaxton
808 BC 011
of first registration


New in 1980, this Bristol LHS was purchased by Skinner and Harvey, based in Oxted in Surrey. This small Plaxton bodied coach stayed with Skinner until the mid 1980’s when it was sold to Welsh Independent, Evans of Tregoron.

During 1991, the LHS was acquired by another Welsh Independent, Thomas Brothers of Llangadog. The coach stayed with Thomas until purchased by Classic Connections, in 2005. Upon arrival in Yorkshire, the coach underwent an extensive overhaul and repaint into the former green and black livery of Independent Coachways of Horsforth, Leeds.


Downseated to 29 with two tables with lighting
CD tuner audio with PA system
12 Volt power supply for mobile & PC/laptop
Cool box provision

Repairs and Servicing


20.01 – Purchased from Thomas Bros of Llangadog.
21.01 – Collected at pre arranged meeting at Plaxtons Kirby premises Anston.
20.03 – Fit new headlights
20.03 – Fit new tyres and emergency door lock
10.04 – Repairs to exhaust system
05.05 – Down to Wallace Arnold for restoration
16.06 – Extensive corrosion found in body support bearers
27.06 – Tow to M & H for repairs
27.06 – Eastgate remove all seats for retrim
11.07 – Return from M & H
28.09 – Repaint complete, vinyls applied
28.09 – Eastgate refit seats
28.09 – Collect from Wallace Arnold after repanel and repaint
28.09 – Fit new audio system and volt converter
10.10 – To Eastgate for curtain measuring
13.11 – Turn seats, fit tables
13.11 – Clean rack blower motors, reading lamps and air vents


09.01 – Take to Pickering for curtains fitting
15.01 – Repairs to fuel tank straps
02.02 – Fuel pump calibration at Sewells of Leeds
20.02 – Side name boards fitted at M & H
05.02 – Fit table lamps and wire in
05.02 – Clean reading lamp lenses
07.09 – MOT inspection and service test – recertification Class 6
01.10 – Repairs to illuminated front panel
08.11 – Repairs to mid heater


10.09 – MOT inspection and test Class 6 pass
30.10 – Exhaust blow, replace pipe and flexible


06.01 – Overhaul air dryer
15.07 – Repairs to rack blowers, fit one new fan
06.09 – MOT inspection and test Class 6 pass


10.01 – Service and re antifreeze
22.01 – Hdraulic throttle cyl, faulty, remove and overhaul
28.01 – Fit new throttle hydraulic cyl, bleed and test
23.08 – Low charge light on, adjust fan belt
01.09 – Tacho test at Sewells
06.09 – MOT inspection, test pass Class 6
11.10 – Take to Arriva for steam cleaning
08.11 – Start to strip off old paint to chassis and underfloor components
22.11 – Repaint chassis components


23.01 – Remove wheels to assist in painting
24.01 – Remove obsolete wiring
24.01 – Make up and fit body support member o/s/r (top)
16.02 – Obtain and fit new air cleaner trunking
28.02 – Fit new o/s rack blower motor and continue painting chassis
01.07 – Plaxton Glazing fit two new windscreens after break in
15.07 – Collect side window from Redditch
18.07 – Plaxtons fit side window
13.09 – Pre MOT inspection and test at Redfearn Travel Class 6 pass
06.10 – Reposition and fit new o/s mudflap
24.10 – Remove rear shock absorbers
24.10 – Replace flexible air hoses


05.01 – Locate and purchase two shock absorbers
27.02 – Modify mountings and fit rear shock absorbers
03.09 – Experience fuel starvation, oil rack
09.10 – Class 6 MOT inspection and test
15.10 – Fit new fuel filters, clean water trap, overhaul lift pump
17.12 – Strip out redundant auxilary heater tubing


07.01 – Clean out fuel tank
10.06 – Wash off, clean window & polish dash
24.06 – Reposition drivers seat to give more leg room
15..07 – Repair headlamp main beam wiring
27.08 – Pre MOT inspection
13.09 – MOT test pass Class 6
23.09 – Reposition o/s/r inner wheel to check tyre pressures



Clutch problem, check out and remove gear box, fit new clutch, bleed and re-assemble.

Suspect faulty air pack. Strip, clean, re-assemble. Awaiting parts


Fit reducer valve to air system, still no better


Fit re-conditioned air/hydraulic valve to clutch system, success!?

Road test vehicle, drive down to Sewells for tacho re-seal and calibration, all now okay

May 2015

Repairs to headlamp main beam wiring

December 2015

Prepare for MOT test.

January 2016

Take for MOT test class 6, pass.

February 2016

Suffered clutch loss

Check and top up fluid

Change engine oil and filter

Change fuel filters

March 2016

Locate leaking clutch pipe

Fit new pipe and pressure bleed system

Road test vehicle

July 2016

Repairs to luggage rack

August 2016

Clutch trouble, Seaburn! Recovery required

September 2016

Remove air/hydraulic pack for repair

October 2016

Refit clutch module after repair, all seems ok.


Gallery – 2013

Winning trophies at Peak Park preserved bus gathering, Rowsley 15/6/2014
Last outing before clutch failure, Heath Common, Wakefield 13/07/2014







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  1. A beautiful coach in mint condition. The whole web site is amazing and having been a staunch Plaxtons observer since 1971 it has shown me so many images of the fine company that I knew must exist somewhere. A photographic archive that FWP would have been justifiably proud of. I just love your coach!

    1. Hi Julian

      Sorry for delay but thanks for your kind comments. The Plaxton photographs came via a dealer from a skip in Scarborough! We have the originals but you should be able to download any you want from the web site. Should you want further details don`t hesitate to ask and please pass the word about among the Plaxton enthusiasts.
      Neil Millington

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