Leyland PD3/4 Northern Counties BUF 267 C

6 - Complete


Chassis Leyland PD3/4 Titan
Chassis Number  L223796
Engine Leyland 0600
Engine Number 
Transmission 4 speed manual
Brakes Air Assisted
Steering Manual
Body Northern Counties
Body Number  6201
Date of Registration 01-06-1965


The BUF 267C is from a batch of PD3’s, delivered to Southdown Motor Services in June 1965. The double decker saw service in areas surrounding Eastbourne, Brighton and Portsmouth.

Withdrawn from service, the vehicle was passed to Weardale Motor Services, Stanhope in July 1978, where, it was used on their Bishop Auckland route until the late 1980’s. Following this, it was purchased by Wallace Arnold in June 1995, who undertook a substantial overhaul and converted it to open top, with the roof removed and guard rails added to the upper deck body edges.

The vehicle took up duties from Leeds depot, undertaking a number of high profile contracts involving trophy winners from various football and rugby teams.

After the meger of Wallace Arnold and Shearings, BUF 267C formed the basis of the Classic Connections fleet. who restored the vehicle to its original Southdown livery, it featured in The Damned United film about Leeds United, and carried Doncaster Rovers on their victory parade through Doncaster, following their successful promotion to the Championship Division in 2008.

BUF 267C was sold in 2008 to Aire Valley Transport Group, who continue to use it on promotional and service work.


Southdown Motor Services – 01-06-65
Weardale Motor Services, Bishop Aukland – 03-07-78
Wallace Arnold Coaches Ltd, Leeds – 27-06-95
Classic Connections – 27-04-07
Aire Valley Transport Group – 10-07-08

Repairs and Servicing

March 05
Collect from Wallace Arnold

May 05
Returned to Wallace Arnold for removal of vinyls and MOT test

June 06
Return from Wallace Arnold after repaint into Southdown livery
Application of transfers and vinyls

July 06
Repairs to fuel leak

August 06
Installation of sound system by Autosound

April 07
MOT test Class VI

June 08
Sold to Aire Valley Transport Group



2 thoughts on “Leyland PD3/4 Northern Counties BUF 267 C

  1. Hi. You have a fine fleet. I have a 1977 Leyland Leopard which belonged to Wallace Arnold. I want to return it to it’s original livery from it’s current Thomas Bros design. Would you be able to provide any advice on colour codes and lettering fonts so I can get it as accurate as possible? The vehicle is WUG 127S (aka CSU 937). Many thanks & keep up the good work! Lincoln Waldie

    1. Hi Lincoln
      Sorry for the (very) late reply to your post and pleased you have another Wallace Arnold coach in preservation.
      We do have colour codes for both the cream and grey liveries, see Leopard photographs on our current fleet page.
      Should you still require them place a posting on our title page as this gets checked much more frequently, also we shall be attending Showbus at Duxford so you could check us out there.
      Neil Millington

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