ERF B Series

WFJ 9795

7 - All's well that ends well

Owned by Kiran Tolson


Exeter registered & believed new to Frank Tuckers (1977). Suspected ex brick lorry with centrally mounted brick grab crane. Converted to a wrecker by a bus breaker in Exeter area with remounted crane & 2 ram Edbro hydraulic crane & A-frame. The last known operator was F.B.Wolfe (Burton on Trent). The vehicle was restored as W.Yorkshire RCC company wrecker in time for the 2008 Trans Pennine Run. Repainted in 2012 as a Yorkshire Rider vehicle.

Repairs and Servicing

30.11 – ERF Wrecker arrives

22.12 – Remove outer wheels, pressure wash chassis

22.01 – Remove decking, work on cleaning & painting chassis, etc.

18.04 – Fitting switches & work lights to cab & crane
06.05 – Obtain & fit new radiator
10.07 – Obtain new headlamps, assemble & fit
13.07 – Wrecker complete
27.07 – Road test

30.08 – Fit o/s door, trim cab roof

13.01 – Sewells overhaul lift pump

22.01 – And again, as not working
19.04 – Connect fuel pipe to tank correct way
26.11 – Attempt to remove different pinion oil seal

05.01 – Complete pinion oil seal replacement

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