Foden S80 Crane Lorry

Q468 GJA


Purchased by Classic Connections on behalf of Kiran Tolson


Chassis Foden 6 x 4 heavy haulage tractor
Chassis Number 
Engine Cummins 14 litre big cam
Engine Number
Transmission Foden 12 speed
Date of Manufacture 1977


Ex heavy haulage tractor unit (100/150 ton). The Foden was then converted to wrecker with a rotating crane and hydraulic lift with A-frame. The crane lorry was previously with James Street Motors (JSM), Bury.

Repairs and Servicing

–.07 – Kiran and Brian Hartley collect from Hexham
–.08 – Cleaning cab, fit new light lenses
–.08 – Test crane in yard

–.02 – Repairs to ignition steering lock
–.02 – Repairs to leaking air tank, sell vehicle


Note – The final pictures of the gallery features the Foden leaving. It returned ten minutes later, to sort a leaking air tank, and we’ve not heard from it since!

1 thought on “Foden S80 Crane Lorry

  1. As an old employee of j s m I drove this for nearly 15year,s ,is possible you could tell me the whereabouts it is now .Or has it been cut up .thanks

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