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Leyland Royal Tiger Doyen

Bova Calypso – The Complete Alternative

AEC Sabre – 800 Series Specification Sheet

‘Routemaster – now undergoing final trials’  (The ACV Gazette, Nov. 1954)
Road Test with a Difference – John S. Moon (The ACV Gazette, Nov. 1954)

 Wallace Arnold Tours – John Cockshott (1984, Omnibus Magazine)
We bring to your attention an article from The Omnibus Magazine (Winter, 1984 ed.), titled Wallace Arnold Tours Ltd by the late John Cockshott

‘Well Done, The Coach Builders’ – (M.J.F. Saxton, Glenton Tours. Bus & Coach, Vol. 28, No.11)
Impressions of the pleasure-travel vehicles, exhibited at Earls Court

Bus & Coach Magazine (Vol 3, June 2000)
AEC’s in Flight, With due acknowledgement. (Nick Larkin)

The First British Coach Rally – Official Programme of Events
Here we have scanned the entry list (in starting point order) from the first ever Motor Coach Rally in 1955

Bristol LHS – Leyland Vehicles, Southall

 Music Wherever They Go – Smiths Automobile Review, Autumn 1957

Leyland Coaches – Feat. Leyland Leopard & LHS

The Year For Moseley Continentals (Autobus, Sept 1976, pg 9-12)

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